I cannot download games. What do I do?

Check for the following
Do you have enough free memory on your phone
Do you have a stable, uninterrupted signal
Have you enabled the option to install apps to your phone

What is the size of a game?

Games range between 2 MB to 2 GB.

For games larger than 10 MB, the download is divided into 2 parts.

Only a small part of the game (under 5 MB) is saved in the internal memory of the device. The rest of the game is saved on the SD Card.

Can I get updates of the games I already bought?

If a game you have downloaded needs an update, you will be informed that an update is available as.

soon as you open the game. You will have the option to then update the game.

How do I unsubscribe from Gamer+ VIP?

SMS STOP to 083 930 1144

What do I do if I deleted a game by mistake?

Yes, you can re-download all the games you bought over a 3-year period, as long as you have the same phone and the same telephone number. Log in to Gamer+ and go to the My Downloads section to find all games you have downloaded. You can re-download these games free of charge. (Data charges may apply)